Sir Barwyn ap Edwyn of Newton

Lord of Newton (465-496)


Distinctive Features: charming voice and long curly dark hair


439 Barwyn ap Barwyn(Grandfather) fought in the Battle of Carlion
440 Barwyn ap Barwyn(Grandfather) dided protecting Constantine
462 Edwyn ap Barwyn(Father) fought against Vortigern at Cambridge
465 Born to Sir Edwyn ap Barwyn
466-467 Edwyn ap Barwyn(Father) fought in the Siege of Carlion
468 Edwyn ap Barwyn fought at the Battle of Snowden
478-479 Edwyn ap Barwyn sailed with the High King’s Fleet
480 Fought at Battle of Salsbury and died gloriously in battle
485 Knighted at Sarum
485 Fought at the Battle of Mearcred
485 Bastard born in Immer – died during winter
486 Defeated a Giant and the Green Knight
486 Recognized by Merlin at Winter Court
486 Married Lady Indeg
487 hunted the Pollag Cat
487 Daughter born, Candida
488 Participated in the Sacking of Bayeux
488 Daughter born, Arwyn
490 Lady Indeg dies during childbirth
491 Married Lady Dulon of Cornwall, daughter Ronwen born
491 Squire Cluwyn is knighted, Prince Maddoc is slain
492 Accused by Brastius of helping Merlin steal Uther’s baby
493 Daughter born, Nessa
493 Battle of St Albans, went mad at the battle. All of the lords are poisoned after the battle
496 Mortally wounded in fighting Sir Gorboduc the Fiend, died that night of his injuries.
496 Demense pass to cousin Tidwal ap Tidwal until Candida is of an age to marry

Sir Barwyn ap Edwyn of Newton

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