“This is a game of medieval fantasy, played using feudal
standards and offering a chance to experience vicariously
that long-lost world, in both its brutal reality and its fantastic
idealism. Every player character is a knight, thus having
both the privileges of elite society and also the risky, often
deadly responsibilities. These dichotomies — brutal reality
versus idealism, elite privilege versus deadly burden — are
the basis for the game.

Pendragon is a game for knights. It is not about magicians,
thieves, or scholars, nor about “might-have-beens”
or “could-haves” (though these options will appear in later
supplements). In this core game, designed for playing the
heavily armed and armored chevaliers of Arthurian literature,
knighthood is complex enough!"

-Pendragon 5.0

“This book is a guideline for an 81-year campaign
that includes the entire reign of King Arthur, starting
a short time before his birth and ending just a
few years after his departure to Avalon. Through
this book, player characters experience the brutality
of Arthur’s father, the anarchy of the interregnum,
the war and drama of King Arthur’s rise to power, the
quests and otherworld adventures of the high adventure
period, and then the decline and destruction of
the Round Table.”

-Great Pendragon Campaign

RBI Great Pendragon Campaign

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