Sir Gorboduc

In a holding called Medbourne, once the land of Sir Staterius, a humble knight with a fair daughter whose innocence and ignorance kept her from knowledge of the powers which visit the nearby well on Samhain night. She was entranced by them on that solemn night, though, and returned home with a child growing inside her. She died when it was born, and her grieving father raised the lad, whom he named Gorboduc.

Perhaps it was Sir Staterius’ grief that blinded him to the boy’s unnatural growth, for at but seven years of age he was the size of a full-grown man. It must also have been grief that did not let Sir Staterius see Gorboduc’s corrupt mind. The boy-man became the leader of a band of ruffians, commoners all, who delighted to follow him in raiding neighboring villages for the purpose of rapine and pillage. At the age of nine, Gorboduc slew his grandfather, burned the church of Saint Helen, and made his fellows into the village leaders.

Two years later, he had grown even bolder, and his band of bandits as well. They brought many commoners to their holding to build a strong tower. When it was to be done, they were to take many fresh young women, and on Samhain night stake them down at the nearby well to produce an army of monsters like Gorboduc.

Merlin sent the player knights to stop Sir Gorboduc. The knights succeded, but Sir Barwyn was mortally wounded by Gorboduc and died that night.

Sir Gorboduc

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