Cambria is the western region of Britain. It is sometimes called Wales or, in the French fashion, Gales. Cambria, however, extends eastward beyond modern Wales to include a much larger region.

Two strong kings contendeded for power in Cambria. In the south, King Lak ruled over Estregales until his poisoning. His subjects are generally descendants of ancient Irish raiders who settled here. He received fealty from the lords of Escavalon, Gloucester, and Cardigan.

The lands of Gomeret and Isles (Anglesey and the Holy Isle), including Cheshire, were ruled by King Pellinore, an ambitious and difficult king. He is a fair and just man, but his passion for the hunt sometimes overcomes his obligations to his kingdom. Still, his people love him, and he has protected the land well from Irish raiders. The interior of Cambria is all rugged mountains and forests. Many tribesfolk live there, outside the rule of any king or civilized ways.

The area ruled over by King Lak have descended into anarchy since his death. Irish raiders also begun to invade the land.

King Pellinore has gone missing, pursuing the questing beast. The Three Cadlew brothers are seeking to become king instead of King Pellinore’s de Galis family.


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