Tag: Saxon


  • Ælle

    King Ælle is a vigorous king, popular with his people and successful in war. He has led them from miserable conditions on the continent to conquer and enslave the natives of Britain and to establish good farms. Other Saxons are continually coming from …

  • Cerdic

    King Cerdic is an accomplished warrior-king from Saxony, but with a special ancestry: His father was High King Vortigern (but Cerdic was raised in Germany). Cerdic is noted for his ambition and his desire to recover his father’s land; he will do almost …

  • Saexwulf

    Saexwulf is a hard-core, religiously conservative Saxon warlord. He is fearless, aggressive, and devoted to his bloody god Wotan — by all accounts, a great killer. Saexwulf is a vassal of [[:cerdic| King Cerdic]]