Widow of King Uther and Duke Gorlois


Queen Ygraine is known as the most beautiful woman in Britain.


Ygraine was married to Duke Gorlois of Cornwall. She was the cultured daughter of a petty lord of some little western island. She came ashore one day and the duke fell instantly in love with her. They had 3 daughters.

After the death of Duke Gorlois, Ygraine married King Uther. Her two eldest daughters were married to northern kings after she became pregnant with the child of King Uther. Margawse, her eldest daughter, married King Lot. Elaine, her middle daughter, married King Nentres of Garloth.

Merlin kidnapped the child after he was born with the help of some dupped knights. Ygraine holds a deep resentment to Merlin.

Queen Ygraine has taken refuge at the nunnery of Amesbury Abbey, putting her trust in God rather than the leaderless knights. Her youngest daughter, Morgan, is with her.


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