RBI Great Pendragon Campaign

497 Feast

A messenger brings word to Salisbury that Sir Alain will be leading an entourage from Carlion bringing Lady Briana to wed Sir Niclas. Another messenger brings word that Duke Ulfius will be arriving around the same time.

Countess Ellen makes plans for a grand feast, in an attempt to solidify friendship between neighbors during this hard time. While making the rounds at Sarum, Sir Aethelswith finds a child asking for a bit of ale in his cup to take home to his mother, it takes a full skin to fill half the cup, but Sir Aethelswith generously fills the cup the rest of the way. Sir Aethirn is invited to sit at the high table, while Countess Ellen puts Sir Theodorric at a lower table due to his reputation of getting into often fatal disagreements at feasts. She asks Sir Niclas to sit near him to help keep him from fighting excessively during the feast. Sir Aethelswith is seated further down with the younger knights.

As the feast progresses, Sir Aethelswith resists the advances of a forward serving maid and continues the feast. Shortly thereafter, Lady Rhonwen asks Sir Aethelswith to join her in a dance, but Sir Aethelswith has a tough time keeping up with her and quickly returns to his seat for a bit more ale. As he returns, he overhears a knight insulting a lady and he comes to her aid and shuts the knight up for the rest of the feast.

Sir Niclas observes 3 knights that he had never seen before and he knows that they did not arrive with the entourage of Sir Alain or Duke Ulfius. As he begins to observe the knights, he notices one of the trio asks a lady sitting next to Sir Theodorric to dance. After she leaves her seat, a young girl with dark hair sits next to Sir Theodorric. The girl is Morgan, the youngest daughter of Queen Ygraine. She talks much of the night with Sir Theodorric about his adventures and contact with fairy and then they discus the pagan religions for much of the night.

At the high table, Sir Aethirn joins in with some board games and refrains from too much drink as Duke Ulfius and Sir Alain continue to request more drink at the table. Eventually, Countess Ellen calls for a toast for “continued friendship in these hard times” and everyone in the hall joins the toast, but none so vigorously as Sir Theodorric. After the toast, Sir Niclas notices a silver broach on the ground, and realizes that it belongs to one of the trio of unknown knights he noticed earlier. He approaches them and learns that they escorted Morgan to the feast and claim to be from Rydychan. The youngest one, who is seen dancing with Lady Jenna later in the evening was named Sir Elden, his companions were Sir Kallan and Sir Idwal. Soon after, Countess Ellen calls for a dance and the entire hall joins in. Sir Aethirn’s fine dancing definitely stands out at the high table.

After the dance, Morgan has rejoined her knight escorts and Sir Theodorric overhears a knight of Carlion and a Knight of Silchester arguing about Silchester allying with King Ælle. Sir Theodorric joins in the fight and insults the Knights of Silchester for allying with the enemy of Britain.

At the lower table Sir Samson, a knight of Salisbury praises Sir Aethirn on his part in the capture of Castle Wallingford in Rydychan, but Sir Aethelswith modestly tells Sir Samson that his part in the assault was minor and that without his fellow knights, he would not have been so successful. Sir Aethelswith hears the heated exchange with Sir Theodorric and the other knights and attempts to calm the argument, but is not successful until Sir Niclas joins in the attempts and a fight is just barely avoided.

As the feast winds down, Sir Aethirn notices Lady Rhona departing the feast and offers to escort her to her. After Sir Aethirn ensures her safety, he returns to the feast as a discussion on falconry is ongoing, but refrains from joining in.

Father Tewi approaches Sir Niclas and asks him to donate 10% of his income this year to the church, but Sir Niclas turns him down. Sir Theodorric joins in with a show of strength between several knights and handily defeats all of them. Finally, Lady Rhonwen approaches Sir Aethelswith one last time, but he has apparently had too much to drink and mumbles incoherently and she leaves the feast frustrated with Sir Aethelswith obtuseness.



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