RBI Great Pendragon Campaign

497 Battle of Du Plain

Battle of Du Plain

The day after the feast, Countess Ellen met with Duke Ulfius and Sir Alain to discuss the affairs of Logres. Duke Ulfius tells Countess Ellen that King Ælle of Sussex is the strongest of the Saxon kings, and that Silchester is going to ally with King Ælle, but withhold vassalage. The Saxon kings, he notes further, are angry with each other, and there is likely to be trouble between them. He recommends that the countess ally with King Ælle next year when the tribute comes due. Sir Theodorric is frustrated by this advice and leaves the meeting in disgust, to the annoyance of Countess Ellen.

As the meeting continues, news that a small force from Wessex is headed to Salisbury, led by the Knight of Tusks. The Knight of Tusks, jealous of the victory of King Cerdic’s other forces at the Isle of Wight intends to punish Salisbury for withholding tribute to King Cerdic. Duke Ulfius recommends pulling back to Sarum until the force leaves, but Countess Ellen decides to try and oppose them with her knights. Sir Alain gives a rousing speech and informs all that he and his knights from Carlion will stand with Salisbury. After the speech, Duke Ulfius offers to allow any of his Silchester knights to stay and fight if they wish, 10 decide to stay.

The Salisbury army with its Silchester and Carlion allies opposed the invading Saxon army outside Du Plain castle. The Salisbury army was outnumbered 2 to 1, but were inspired to be protecting their homelands.

In the opening charge, the player knights found themselves facing traitorous knights of Logres, who had gone over to the army of King Cerdic. The player knights won the fight, but not completely. The defending army of Salisbury did well in the opening charge of the battle and hit the Saxons hard.

Sir Theodorric ordered a withdraw to pull the knights out of combat, in order to make another lance charge. As the unit began an orderly withdraw, they were engaged by Saxon spearmen. They were able to win that combat and prepare for another charge.

In the confusion of the battle, the the player knights were attacked by 2 different units of spearmen and were unable to make the ordered charge. Unfortunately, Sir Theodorric took a wound in the combat and was unhorsed. The other knights managed to hold together and Sir Theodorric got his squires horse and prepared to rejoin the battle alone while Sir Aethirn took command of the knights.

The Saxons ordered a retreat from battle and the fighting was over before the knights were able to reform to engage the enemy.

The battle was indecisive, but Salisbury had pushed back the Saxons back to Wessex for the time being.

Du plain of salisbury



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