RBI Great Pendragon Campaign

497 Abduction

Late Summer, Sir Theodorric, Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf were in Sarum when word of a skirmish at Tisbury reached the knights. The messenger told Sir Theodorric that his home manor had been attacked by knights accompanied by Picts. The player knights headed to Tisbury immediately.

Once they arrived, they found 6 gravely wounded knights and squires, along with the bodies of many dead Picts. After questioning the survivors, it was discovered that Tisbury was attacked as the Salisbury patrol was arriving. The patrolling knights fought the attackers, but one of Sir Theodorric’s many, many daughters was kidnapped but the healthy Salisbury knights were in pursuit. After ensuring the safety of his family, Sir Theodorric lead Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf in pursuit of the invaders.

After several hours following the trail of the enemy, the player knights heard screaming. The Salisbury patrol had been defeated by a force of foreign knights and Picts. An unknown knight with a was questioning a surviving Salisbury patrol knight while a shadowy figured lurked behind watching, when Sir Theodorric, Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf stepped forward. The knight introduced himself as Sir Dylan and demanded Sir Theodorric to hand over the golden lance, as the shadowy figured revealed herself to be a beautiful woman wearing chain armor and a cloak made of black feathers with red feathers covering her shoulders . She held a knife to Sir Theodorric’s daughters. When Sir Theodorric agreed, the woman in the feathered cloak hissed something at Sir Dylan and transformed into a giant raven and flew off with the child. Sir Dylan looked confused and ordered the Picts to attack.

Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf easily defeated the Picts causing many of them run off into the woods, but their horses took some damage in the fight from arrows and javelins, while Sir Theodorric fought Sir Dylan and injured him, however Sir Dylan manged to escape. Fighting of the fatigue of a day and a half with no sleep, the player knights tracked Sir Dylan and found him attempting to get to Somerset, but fought and captured him. Sir Theodorric cruelly questioned him and discovered where the giant raven took his daughter. They also learned that Sir Dylan was a knight sworn to Sir Garavan, who had become a bandit leader in the north, and was tasked with retrieving the golden lance. They also found out that the woman, a raven witch was tasked by Lady Ysbareth to kill the knights involved with her downfall from many years ago. It seemed as if there was tension among he alliance of Sir Garavan and Lady Ysbareth with the knights being afraid of what Lady Ysbareth was becoming. Sir Theodorric left Sir Dylan to die of his injuries, but Sir Niclas mercifully slit Sir Dylan’s throat.

Sir Theodorric, Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf headed into Somerset to find the tower that the witch took took Sir Theodorric’s daughter to. The knights approached a manor belonging to Sir Samson of Somerset. Sir Brugyn showed hospitality to the knights and let them stay the night in his manor. Over the course of dinner, Sir Jouf talked to Sir Brugyn about the state of Somerset and found that the county was concerned about the advance of King Idres of Brittany. Somerset was keeping to itself and considering submitting to King Idres depending on how well he did in Cornwall. As the night progressed, Sir Brugyn gave the knights directions to an abandoned tower on a lake. The tower had a reputation for being haunted.

The knights headed into a deep forest, after nightfall, the sounds of fighting were heard. The knights tracked the noise and found a lone man standing in a ring of stones, holding off a pack of unnatural dogs. The man looked as if his left arm was broken and he swung a torch with his right. The knights attacked and killed the dogs and found out that the man was named Hobriu. He was a Jute slave, running away from the Saxons in Wessex. Sir Theodorric was not happy when Sir Jouf offered him a place as a fighter in Salisbury, but decided to let Hobriu live and accompany them.

The knights finally found the tower on the lake. After scouting, a causeway to the tower was found. The forces on the island were about 20-30 Picts and 10 knights. Sir Theodorric decided to ride his horse along the causeway and offer his lance for his daughter. Sir Jouf and Sir Niclas decided to ride beside him, with their squires and Hobriu waiting for them on the shore…..



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