RBI Great Pendragon Campaign

500 The Dolorous Wyrm

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499 A Wedding and the Gryphon Knight

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498 Forest Sauvage

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497 Abduction

Late Summer, Sir Theodorric, Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf were in Sarum when word of a skirmish at Tisbury reached the knights. The messenger told Sir Theodorric that his home manor had been attacked by knights accompanied by Picts. The player knights headed to Tisbury immediately.

Once they arrived, they found 6 gravely wounded knights and squires, along with the bodies of many dead Picts. After questioning the survivors, it was discovered that Tisbury was attacked as the Salisbury patrol was arriving. The patrolling knights fought the attackers, but one of Sir Theodorric’s many, many daughters was kidnapped but the healthy Salisbury knights were in pursuit. After ensuring the safety of his family, Sir Theodorric lead Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf in pursuit of the invaders.

After several hours following the trail of the enemy, the player knights heard screaming. The Salisbury patrol had been defeated by a force of foreign knights and Picts. An unknown knight with a was questioning a surviving Salisbury patrol knight while a shadowy figured lurked behind watching, when Sir Theodorric, Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf stepped forward. The knight introduced himself as Sir Dylan and demanded Sir Theodorric to hand over the golden lance, as the shadowy figured revealed herself to be a beautiful woman wearing chain armor and a cloak made of black feathers with red feathers covering her shoulders . She held a knife to Sir Theodorric’s daughters. When Sir Theodorric agreed, the woman in the feathered cloak hissed something at Sir Dylan and transformed into a giant raven and flew off with the child. Sir Dylan looked confused and ordered the Picts to attack.

Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf easily defeated the Picts causing many of them run off into the woods, but their horses took some damage in the fight from arrows and javelins, while Sir Theodorric fought Sir Dylan and injured him, however Sir Dylan manged to escape. Fighting of the fatigue of a day and a half with no sleep, the player knights tracked Sir Dylan and found him attempting to get to Somerset, but fought and captured him. Sir Theodorric cruelly questioned him and discovered where the giant raven took his daughter. They also learned that Sir Dylan was a knight sworn to Sir Garavan, who had become a bandit leader in the north, and was tasked with retrieving the golden lance. They also found out that the woman, a raven witch was tasked by Lady Ysbareth to kill the knights involved with her downfall from many years ago. It seemed as if there was tension among he alliance of Sir Garavan and Lady Ysbareth with the knights being afraid of what Lady Ysbareth was becoming. Sir Theodorric left Sir Dylan to die of his injuries, but Sir Niclas mercifully slit Sir Dylan’s throat.

Sir Theodorric, Sir Niclas and Sir Jouf headed into Somerset to find the tower that the witch took took Sir Theodorric’s daughter to. The knights approached a manor belonging to Sir Samson of Somerset. Sir Brugyn showed hospitality to the knights and let them stay the night in his manor. Over the course of dinner, Sir Jouf talked to Sir Brugyn about the state of Somerset and found that the county was concerned about the advance of King Idres of Brittany. Somerset was keeping to itself and considering submitting to King Idres depending on how well he did in Cornwall. As the night progressed, Sir Brugyn gave the knights directions to an abandoned tower on a lake. The tower had a reputation for being haunted.

The knights headed into a deep forest, after nightfall, the sounds of fighting were heard. The knights tracked the noise and found a lone man standing in a ring of stones, holding off a pack of unnatural dogs. The man looked as if his left arm was broken and he swung a torch with his right. The knights attacked and killed the dogs and found out that the man was named Hobriu. He was a Jute slave, running away from the Saxons in Wessex. Sir Theodorric was not happy when Sir Jouf offered him a place as a fighter in Salisbury, but decided to let Hobriu live and accompany them.

The knights finally found the tower on the lake. After scouting, a causeway to the tower was found. The forces on the island were about 20-30 Picts and 10 knights. Sir Theodorric decided to ride his horse along the causeway and offer his lance for his daughter. Sir Jouf and Sir Niclas decided to ride beside him, with their squires and Hobriu waiting for them on the shore…..

497 Battle of Du Plain
Battle of Du Plain

The day after the feast, Countess Ellen met with Duke Ulfius and Sir Alain to discuss the affairs of Logres. Duke Ulfius tells Countess Ellen that King Ælle of Sussex is the strongest of the Saxon kings, and that Silchester is going to ally with King Ælle, but withhold vassalage. The Saxon kings, he notes further, are angry with each other, and there is likely to be trouble between them. He recommends that the countess ally with King Ælle next year when the tribute comes due. Sir Theodorric is frustrated by this advice and leaves the meeting in disgust, to the annoyance of Countess Ellen.

As the meeting continues, news that a small force from Wessex is headed to Salisbury, led by the Knight of Tusks. The Knight of Tusks, jealous of the victory of King Cerdic’s other forces at the Isle of Wight intends to punish Salisbury for withholding tribute to King Cerdic. Duke Ulfius recommends pulling back to Sarum until the force leaves, but Countess Ellen decides to try and oppose them with her knights. Sir Alain gives a rousing speech and informs all that he and his knights from Carlion will stand with Salisbury. After the speech, Duke Ulfius offers to allow any of his Silchester knights to stay and fight if they wish, 10 decide to stay.

The Salisbury army with its Silchester and Carlion allies opposed the invading Saxon army outside Du Plain castle. The Salisbury army was outnumbered 2 to 1, but were inspired to be protecting their homelands.

In the opening charge, the player knights found themselves facing traitorous knights of Logres, who had gone over to the army of King Cerdic. The player knights won the fight, but not completely. The defending army of Salisbury did well in the opening charge of the battle and hit the Saxons hard.

Sir Theodorric ordered a withdraw to pull the knights out of combat, in order to make another lance charge. As the unit began an orderly withdraw, they were engaged by Saxon spearmen. They were able to win that combat and prepare for another charge.

In the confusion of the battle, the the player knights were attacked by 2 different units of spearmen and were unable to make the ordered charge. Unfortunately, Sir Theodorric took a wound in the combat and was unhorsed. The other knights managed to hold together and Sir Theodorric got his squires horse and prepared to rejoin the battle alone while Sir Aethirn took command of the knights.

The Saxons ordered a retreat from battle and the fighting was over before the knights were able to reform to engage the enemy.

The battle was indecisive, but Salisbury had pushed back the Saxons back to Wessex for the time being.

Du plain of salisbury

497 Feast

A messenger brings word to Salisbury that Sir Alain will be leading an entourage from Carlion bringing Lady Briana to wed Sir Niclas. Another messenger brings word that Duke Ulfius will be arriving around the same time.

Countess Ellen makes plans for a grand feast, in an attempt to solidify friendship between neighbors during this hard time. While making the rounds at Sarum, Sir Aethelswith finds a child asking for a bit of ale in his cup to take home to his mother, it takes a full skin to fill half the cup, but Sir Aethelswith generously fills the cup the rest of the way. Sir Aethirn is invited to sit at the high table, while Countess Ellen puts Sir Theodorric at a lower table due to his reputation of getting into often fatal disagreements at feasts. She asks Sir Niclas to sit near him to help keep him from fighting excessively during the feast. Sir Aethelswith is seated further down with the younger knights.

As the feast progresses, Sir Aethelswith resists the advances of a forward serving maid and continues the feast. Shortly thereafter, Lady Rhonwen asks Sir Aethelswith to join her in a dance, but Sir Aethelswith has a tough time keeping up with her and quickly returns to his seat for a bit more ale. As he returns, he overhears a knight insulting a lady and he comes to her aid and shuts the knight up for the rest of the feast.

Sir Niclas observes 3 knights that he had never seen before and he knows that they did not arrive with the entourage of Sir Alain or Duke Ulfius. As he begins to observe the knights, he notices one of the trio asks a lady sitting next to Sir Theodorric to dance. After she leaves her seat, a young girl with dark hair sits next to Sir Theodorric. The girl is Morgan, the youngest daughter of Queen Ygraine. She talks much of the night with Sir Theodorric about his adventures and contact with fairy and then they discus the pagan religions for much of the night.

At the high table, Sir Aethirn joins in with some board games and refrains from too much drink as Duke Ulfius and Sir Alain continue to request more drink at the table. Eventually, Countess Ellen calls for a toast for “continued friendship in these hard times” and everyone in the hall joins the toast, but none so vigorously as Sir Theodorric. After the toast, Sir Niclas notices a silver broach on the ground, and realizes that it belongs to one of the trio of unknown knights he noticed earlier. He approaches them and learns that they escorted Morgan to the feast and claim to be from Rydychan. The youngest one, who is seen dancing with Lady Jenna later in the evening was named Sir Elden, his companions were Sir Kallan and Sir Idwal. Soon after, Countess Ellen calls for a dance and the entire hall joins in. Sir Aethirn’s fine dancing definitely stands out at the high table.

After the dance, Morgan has rejoined her knight escorts and Sir Theodorric overhears a knight of Carlion and a Knight of Silchester arguing about Silchester allying with King Ælle. Sir Theodorric joins in the fight and insults the Knights of Silchester for allying with the enemy of Britain.

At the lower table Sir Samson, a knight of Salisbury praises Sir Aethirn on his part in the capture of Castle Wallingford in Rydychan, but Sir Aethelswith modestly tells Sir Samson that his part in the assault was minor and that without his fellow knights, he would not have been so successful. Sir Aethelswith hears the heated exchange with Sir Theodorric and the other knights and attempts to calm the argument, but is not successful until Sir Niclas joins in the attempts and a fight is just barely avoided.

As the feast winds down, Sir Aethirn notices Lady Rhona departing the feast and offers to escort her to her. After Sir Aethirn ensures her safety, he returns to the feast as a discussion on falconry is ongoing, but refrains from joining in.

Father Tewi approaches Sir Niclas and asks him to donate 10% of his income this year to the church, but Sir Niclas turns him down. Sir Theodorric joins in with a show of strength between several knights and handily defeats all of them. Finally, Lady Rhonwen approaches Sir Aethelswith one last time, but he has apparently had too much to drink and mumbles incoherently and she leaves the feast frustrated with Sir Aethelswith obtuseness.

496 and 497 recap
the story so far

What you know:

Aetheling(prince) Aescwine, son of King Aethelswith of the East Saxons in Essex, arrived in Salisbury demanding tribute. He was paid.

Early summer in 496, word arrived that Hampshire was under attack and that all the knights of Hampshire were destroyed and the city of Hantonne was taken. Prince Cynric invites the Knights to visit his father, King Cedric of the Gwessi (Saxon and British descendants of King Vortigern) in Hantonne and he remains in Sarum to guarantee the knights safe return. King Cedric asks Salisbury to join him and informs them that he intends to take Britain.


Aetheling Aescwine of Essex and Prince Cynric of Wessex(formerly Hampshire) returned and both asked for tribute. Tribute was given to Aescwine, but refused to Cynric.

Aescwine implied that Duke Ulfius would be allying with Essex, but further rumors indicate that Duke Ulfius may have allied with another Saxon King.

The Isle of Wight, south of Hampshire refused tribute to King Cedric and was conquered and all nobles killed.


The holdings of Sir Barwyn and Sir Theodorric in Cornwall were siezed by Count Tintagel, and if they would swear to him, the holdings would be returned. King Idres of Brittany has invaded Cornwall.

Three brother usurped the Countess of Rydychan and took control of the county. The Salisbury knights worked with Clarence to help retake the county and bring Rydychan back to rightful control. This task was completed in 497 by Clarence after a combined effort from Salisbury and Clarence was able to take Wallingford Castle and rescue the Countess. Additionally, vital support was ensured by the actions of the player knights and the power of the brothers fell apart from the inside.

North East of Rydychan, Merlin alerted the player knights of a threat to the realm, more pressing than anything else. A demon, Sir Gorboduc, was stopped and his tower was destroyed. A Druid named Llewellyn, Druid of the Blue Sward was met and he helped heal the surviving knights with a healing salve.


The player knights visited Carlion as Sir Niclas responded to the call of Lady Brianna of Estregales. Her father and brother were taken hostage by Cymric tribesmen . The player knights spoke with Sir Alain(a friend of the players) and were introduced to King Nanteleod in Carlion. Nanteleod, speaks with the player knights at length about the Saxons and state of Salisbury and the other places the knights have visited. Nanteleod in turn tells the knights of the state of Cambria. Estregales has descended into anarchy and the mountain tribes are no longer united after the death of King Canan in 494 (the players witnessed his poisoning). King Nanteleod offers to pay the ransom if the Players brave the mountain and deliver a message to the Chieftain holding Lady Brianna’s father and brother. The players are successful.

King Nanteleod ass the players to tell Countess Ellen to hold out as long as Salisbury can against the Saxons. As soon as he has Pushed out the Irish invaders and reunited the Mountain Tribes, he is going to turn on the Saxons.

What you have heard:

Sir Brastias: tells the knights abut a mysterious sword in London, he says, “It has writing on it that says, ‘Only the king will pull me out,’ or something like that. It didn’t budge for me!”

He also mentions, “Saxons everywhere are moving. They are in small groups, so we ought to fight them. The King of Malahaut sends word that Pict scouts are being seen all across the north. Merchants say that Irish ships are massing in the west, the Saxons are already on the march in the east, and that bastard Idres from Brittany is going to attack from the south.”

Courier from Duke Ulfius: “We need a king. A legitimate one, not that nonsense about the sword. The Collegium is going to meet at Silchester. The candidates are coming from all across Britain. Duke Ulfius is largely recovered from his wounds.”

Ultimately, the Collegium met, but was unable to elect a High King. Also, more reports of Pict movement in the north was repoted.


Almost everyone paid tribute, even Duke Ulfius and Duke Lindsey. Duke Ulfius is still hurting from wounds he received at the battle of St Albans.

Word reaches Salisbury that Duke Ulfius eventually allied with King Ælle of Sussex, rather than King Aethelswith of Essex.

There was a small battle last year between the East Saxons and the knights of Caercolun, and the Saxons lost!

King Idres of Brittany conquers Tintagel.


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